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ERP Demo Tips: How to Make the Most of the Experience

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Written by Laura Schomaker

August 6, 2020

ERP demos are a vital opportunity to vet technology that could be transformative for your company. If you are willing to put in the time and effort to make them a success, software demos have the power to show how viable a potential solution really is. What can you do to optimize the process and make the most of your ERP demos? Let’s discuss our top ERP demo tips.

ERP Demo Tip #1: Perform your Due Diligence in Advance

Before you even schedule your ERP demo, you want to have had extensive conversations with a vendor, providing them with a list of musts and wants you expect from their solution. A general demo that doesn’t address the specific needs and processes at your company might end up being a waste of your time and the vendor’s.

ERP Demo Tip #2: Involve the Entire Team

Vetting an ERP solution should be a collaborative process that involves staff from every department at your company. Making a top-down decision on ERP just makes little sense — the solution itself is about taking a holistic approach and collaborating across silos. After the demo, reconvene the entire group for a post-demo regroup. What was missing? What was great about the solution? Get input from every department. Is the solution giving you realistic and proactive ways to collaborate across your company? Does it unify processes and domolish silos? Get input from every department.

ERP Demo Tip #3: Record the Demo

Chances are that you will want to review certain parts of the demo after the fact. Make sure to record the demo day of so that you have it to refer to in your post-demo regroup session. Even the most extensive notes won’t give you the detail that revisiting the actual demo will.


ERP Demo Tip #4: Take Notes

Things may come up at the moment that you won’t remember later on. While you follow the demo through your daily work processes, note anything that stands out to you or does not address an essential function at your business.

ERP Demo Tip #5: Ask Follow-up Questions

Even if a demo goes seamlessly and an ERP solution seems like the ideal fit, you still want to ask questions. Compile questions brought up during your regroup session with your team and submit them to a vendor. If you need to, ask for changes. Any ERP vendor who will be a valuable partner in the long term will enjoy the collaboration and endeavor to answer every question that comes up.

An ERP demo is complex, but by following these ERP demo tips you can streamline the process and ensure you make the right choice for your company. If you are interested in taking the next steps and experiencing an ERP demo, schedule your personalized demo with one of our Microsoft or Acumatica experts today.


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