Dynamics GP 2013 End of Life, What Does it Mean for Me?


Laura Schomaker, Marketing Associate

September 7, 2018

Dynamics GP 2013 end of life is upon us. As of April 10, 2018 this version of the popular business software package entered extended support. What does that mean, you ask? It means it’s time…

Time to move to a more modern version of Dynamics GP. We know, change can be hard. But, don’t think of it as losing an old friend. Think of it as a friendship that evolves and gets more awesome with time.

Hanging onto an outdated software system that’s past its prime, but still doing its job may seem like the easiest option. But, the reality is you’re putting your business at risk.

Now that your Dynamics GP software is over 5 years old, you have already lost many critical features like tax table and security updates. Without these, you may not be complying with all tax regulations and your data is vulnerable to the latest security threats.

Ask yourself, are these risks I’m willing to take?

It’s time to protect your business!

When you upgrade to Dynamics GP 2018, you get so much more than updated tax tables and tighter security. It’s bursting with timesaving features requested by users just like you.

There’s the completely redesigned web client which allows you to access Dynamics GP on any device. Imagine how great not being chained to your desk will feel!

Plus, there’s improved workflows, document attach included across the windows you use most and so much more.

Trust us, once you upgrade, you’ll wish you hadn’t waited this long! Learn more about the great new Dynamics GP features your missing.

Ready to Get Started?

Answer 5 quick questions to give our expert GP consultants the information they need to start your upgrade.

Don’t wait! The longer you delay your upgrade beyond the Dynamics GP 2013 end of life date, the more you risk running into problems with your tax compliance and data security.

Questions? Call (336) 315-3935, send us an email or chat with us. We’re happy to chat about your options and walk you through the upgrade process.

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