Use Customer Portals to Bring Your Customers Closer
Laura (Heinbockel) Schomaker
Laura Schomaker, Marketing Associate
February, 28 2018
Interaction and communication with your customers is key in maintaining strong, long-lasting, and recurrent business relations with them. Many companies spend thousands of dollars on Customer Portals and customer interaction management (CIM) software, so they can interact with and provide information to their customers, often paying for more than they needed or wanted.

Simple Upgrade

Many CRM programs in the market do not come equipped with Customer Portals to facilitate customer engagement. But, Acumatica is different. This often-overlooked feature comes as part of the Customer Management Suite and allows users to create a self-service portal for their customers where they can access valuable account information and documents such as invoices, due dates, and balances, to name a few. Simply upgrade your Acumatica Cloud ERP package to include the Customer Management Suite add-on, and you’ll have access to this useful feature as part of the deal. There are no additional client software or per-user fees involved.

24/7 Access to Account Inquiries

The Customer Portal allows you to provide instant access to the information your customers’ need most, and even an online ordering point for business partners and resellers. The portal works 24/7 and is fully-automated, meaning your company can deliver around-the-clock service for your customers without needing to hire additional customer service reps or sales agents. Under the Support Tab, users can create support tickets directly from Acumatica’s Customer Portal. So, if after reviewing the information available to them, they still have a question, customers can easily reach out for additional support. Plus, the system links their profile to their registered email address, so they receive immediate notification when their ticket is handled.

Secure Sharing

Acumatica’s Customer Portals gives companies a secure access point to share important documentation with their customers. This ensures only users with active credentials have access to the information. You can provide them with marketing material, company policy details, educational documents, FAQ´s, and other key information all of which is available under the Documentation Tab.   Most importantly, under the Finance tab, your customers can access their invoices and financial information.  Besides being able to view all their historical documents, customers can see balances, due dates, amounts due, and payment information so they can stay on top of their billing without having to make a phone call. Additionally, all available documents can be easily printed or saved as a PDF file.

Creating Users

Creating new web portal users couldn’t be simpler. Just open a customer record, navigate to the contacts tab, and manage their user info. Here you can set security permissions and create a unique username and password for each customer.

Lower Costs, Improved Satisfaction

Acumatica’s Customer Portals let you automate simple, yet common tasks that would normally require a lot of phone calls.  Reducing the number of calls your company takes will lower support costs.   With customers able to self-serve and receive real-time information, avoiding phone calls, hold time, and back-and-forth emails, satisfaction will ride high. Having a portal will show your company’s commitment to improving customer service, something your clientele will always appreciate.
If you haven’t checked out the Customer Management Suite for Acumatica Cloud ERP, you can read more about it here. And, for more Acumatica related news and tips, follow Intelligent Technologies on Twitter!

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