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Acumatica Versus Dynamics GP—Which is Best?


Written by Laura Schomaker

November 20, 2020



Looking for the best ERP for your business involves assessing a lot of factors and researching a wide variety of ERP options. Two of the most popular ERPs are Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics GP. They both have a lot of appeal and choosing between the two can be complex. What features do each offer? In the Acumatica versus Dynamics GP faceoff, how do they match up? Let’s take a look.  

Acumatica versus Dynamics GP: Deployment 

Because Dynamics GP was around long before the cloud exploded in popularity, most clients still run it on their servers. But for those who like Dynamics GP, but wish to enjoy the benefits of the cloud, like freedom from server maintenance and anytime, anywhere access, hosted and hybrid options are also available. As a newer solution, Acumatica was born  in the cloud, so cloud deployments are its most popular deployment option. But for those who are highly regulated industries or want to maintain full control over their data, hosted and on premise options are available.

Acumatica versus Dynamics GP: Integration 

A big selling point of Dynamics GP is its direct integration with other Microsoft solutions. If you are already using these tools, like Office, this may a big selling point. Not that Acumatica cannot offer similar integrations. In fact, Acumatica has made significant investments in this in recent releases. A secondary consideration with this is user experience. Over the last several decades, Microsoft has established an almost immovable presence in the workplace. Thus, many users are just more comfortable using those tools and GP bears a striking resemblance to them.  

Acumatica versus Dynamics GP: Cost 

How much is either ERP going to cost your business? Well, most ERPs charge you a licensing fee based on how many users you have, which is the case with Dynamics GP. Whereas Acumatica offers use-based pricing— you only pay for the computing power you use. In this respect, Acumatica can offer a more affordable option for companies that are expecting a significant increase in employees down the line. However, unlike some other more mature ERPs, Dynamics GP does offers a subscription plan, allowing you to spread out the cost of the solution month to month.  


Acumatica and Microsoft Dynamics GP both have a good deal to offer SMBs. A full suite of features and user-friendly, unified interfaces make both ERPs great choices for a wide range of businesses. Choosing between the two often comes down to your business’s specific needs and goals.   

What experience have you had with either Acumatica or Dynamics GP? Chime in and let us know in the comments, and if you’re ready dig deeper into the Acumatica versus Microsoft Dynamics GP debatecheck out our Smart ERP Buying Guide 

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