Acumatica Pro Tip: Keyboard Shortcuts Every User Should Know

Written by Laura Schomaker
Published on August 15, 2019

If your job involves a lot of repetitive data entry, you’re probably well acquainted with the power of keyboard shortcuts. Many people find using them makes them more efficient because they don’t have to waste time switching between keyboard and mouse. While some keyboard shortcuts are universal from program to program, like Ctrl + Z on a Windows computer or Cmd + Z on a Mac to undo your last action, most software programs offer their own unique key combinations that can help you get your work done faster.

ERP systems are no different. One of the first questions many of our new Acumatica users often asks is, “What Acumatica keyboard shortcuts should I know?” I’m sure many web searchers have the same question. So, today I wanted to share a few of our favorite Acumatica keyboard shortcuts with you.

10 Acumatica Keyboard Shortcuts Every User Should Know

Control and S keys from a keyboard

This is probably the first key combination anyone should learn in Acumatica. It allows you to save your work quickly. Sometimes, when you’re new to a software program or in a hurry, it’s easy to overlook a small save button or command hidden deep in the program’s drop-down menu. But, with this Acumatica keyboard shortcut you can confidently save your work without wasting time.

Control and S keys from a keyboard

This is a powerful key in Acumatica. And, as the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” It allows you to cancel your current action. So, if halfway through editing a record you realize you made a mistake, this can be a great way to recover. But, accidentally pressing the Esc key at the wrong time could mean having to reenter data.

Control and S keys from a keyboard

If you create a lot of records at once, this key combination will probably become one of your best friends. It allows you to create a new record fast. That way you can move from one record to the next without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Control and S keys from a keyboard

This one does the opposite of the last keyword shortcut I showed you. It’s a quick way to delete a record in Acumatica. Just be sure you have the right record open before using it.

Control and S keys from a keyboard

When working other software programs, you’ve probably noticed Tab is great for moving your cursor around the page, especially with forms. It can be useful for jumping from one element to the next quickly. Well, Shift + Tab does just the opposite. Instead of moving you from one element to the next (left to right), it brings you to the previous element (moving your cursor from right to left).

Control and S keys from a keyboard

Just as it is when working in a web browser, F5 is a quick way to refresh the information you’re looking at in Acumatica. The only caveat is you must first place your cursor in a table cell for this keyboard shortcut to work.

Control and S keys from a keyboard

If your cursor is in a lookup box, pressing this key opens the related lookup table. This is a simple way to dig deeper into the data behind the values on your current page.

Control and S keys from a keyboard

If you’re a frequent Excel user like me, you probably love the sort button that allows you to arrange the values in a spreadsheet from highest to lowest, in alphabetical order, etc. This keyboard shortcut is basically the Acumatica version of that. It allows you to sort the lines in a table by the values in the column you selected before pressing the F6 key.

Control and S keys from a keyboard

This keyboard shortcut is useful if your table has a lot of data, but you’re only concerned with looking at some of it. By pressing this key, you can filter the values in a table so that only those with the characteristics you’re interested at appear.

Control and S keys from a keyboard

As you navigate through Acumatica, you see calendar dialogboxes, A.K.A. date pickers from time to time. Mousing through them can take a while if you’re looking for a date way in the future or far in the past. But the arrow keys on your keyboard can help with this. The left arrow moves the cursor to the previous day. The right arrow moves you to the next day. The up arrow takes you to the previous week and the down arrow takes you to the following week. Once you find the date you need with the arrow keys, press enter, and the system will populate the dialogbox with your selected date.

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