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Acumatica Pro Tip: Acumatica Mobile App Setup, a How to Guide

Written by Laura Schomaker

January 2, 2020

A mobile app, once just a “nice to have” item on your ERP wish list is now becoming a requirement for businesses that want to stay competitive. Today, more employees working outside the office and customers expect fast and accurate service. And, an ERP mobile app is often one of the best ways to meet those challenges. But just because your ERP offers a mobile app, doesn’t necessarily mean it gives you access to the entire system in your pocket. Some ERP mobile apps only offer a limited set of features. Lucky for Acumatica users, the Acumatica ERP mobile app is not one of those. So, for anyone who wants to take advantage of the Acumatica mobile app, I’m here to show you how to get started. Let’s first discuss the key steps in the Acumatica mobile app setup process. And then, I will tell you about some of its most useful, unique features.


Acumatica Mobile App Setup: How It’s Done

Setting up your Acumatica mobile app is quite straightforward. All it takes is a few simple steps. But before we begin, please note you must have an existing Acumatica license to use the app.

  1. Download the free Acumatica mobile app from your favorite app store. Choose from the Apple App Store or Google play.
  2. Click the “Install” button on your mobile device.
  3. Once it’s installed, open the app.
  4. To connect the mobile app to your Acumatica software, enter the URL and name (optional) of your Acumatica site. For example, https://your.acumatica.site.com. Note: if both your Acumatica server and the mobile device are using the same local wireless network you can alternatively specify the URL in one of these two ways:
  • https://<Computer Name>/<Website Name>
  • https://<IP Address>/<Website Name>
  1. Tap “Next.”
  2. Enter your Acumatica username and password
  3. Tap “Sign in.”

Now that you have the Acumatica mobile app installed and running, you’re probably wondering, “what can I do with it?” Great question! Since Acumatica is a true cloud ERP and browser-based, it doesn’t limit you based on the device you’re using. In fact, the Acumatica mobile app isn’t a requirement, all you really need is a web browser. But many users feel the mobile app makes doing certain tasks easier on a smaller screen. Another major benefit of the Acumatica mobile app is its smart use of your mobile device’s native features, which makes working on the go even easier.


A Few of Our Favorite Acumatica Mobile App Features

  • Using your camera to take a picture of your receipt to create an expense report.
  • Using voice dictation to make notes on a client’s record after a service or sales meeting.
  • Capturing a client or vendor signature to move the sales or buying process forward fast.
  • Tracking your service staff members’ movement from appointment to appointment to see how efficiently you are using them.

Watch This Three- Minute Video to Learn More about These and Other Cool Features

We hope you found these instructions useful. If you have questions, or need hands-on help with your Acumatica mobile app setup, please contact us.

If you’re not yet an Acumatica user, but you would like to learn more about the solution and whether it would be a good fit for your business, visit this webpage or call (336) 315-3935.

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