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Acumatica Employee Wellness Tracker: Helping You Cope with COVID-19

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Written by Laura Schomaker

July 9, 2020

Never in our lifetime has the need to make your employees’ health and safety a top priority been more apparent. To protect employees, many switched to remote work, almost overnight. However, in some industries, this isn’t possible. So, in those industries especially, it has become paramount for managers to have a way to track the well-being of their employees. Sure, you could do this with any survey tool. But many find their staff is already stretched thin from dealing with an ever-changing situation. So, there is often no time to research different options. Plus, anytime you use a tool your staff is not already familiar with, there’s a learning curve which can frustrate and be time-consuming. Also, it may not integrate well with your existing systems, making the process less efficient than it could be.

Luckily, for Acumatica users, there is a better answer. Working directly with clients, the development team came to the rescue with a simple solution. An employee wellness tracking tool using Acumatica surveys. It allows you to track wellness daily with automatic notifications of potential risks. So, you can respond proactively and assist when needed. Better yet, all this data stays inside Acumatica. This means it remains the single source of truth for your business. And there’s no downtime. Either from your IT team while they figure out how to tie two tools together or from your staff as they learn how to use an something new.

How the Acumatica employee wellness tracker works

  1. Acumatica sends a survey requesting each employee whom you select to complete it.
  2. The recipient receives a notification on their phone asking them to complete the survey.
  3. They launch the survey either by clicking the notification or selecting the survey icon in the mobile or web app.
  4. Then they will see a list of surveys awaiting completion.
  5. Once they select the survey from the list, they can answer each question right from their computer or mobile device.
  6. Once an employee has answers the survey, they can submit it via their phone or web app.

A few of the questions in the Acumatica employee wellness tracker survey

  1. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms? (Fever, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat or diarrhea)
  2. Have you been in contact with individuals diagnosed with COVID 19?
  3. What is your body temperature?
  4. Where have you traveled?


How to install the Acumatica employee wellness tracker on your ERP

Visit github.com, where you will find a detailed set up an installation guide.

The solution is available for users of the two most recent releases (2019 R2 and 2020 R2). Should you want to install the wellness tracker, but are on an older version of Acumatica, you will need to upgrade. For help with this, contact your Acumatica partner.

For an intriguing look inside the development process of this unique solution, check out this blog by Acumatica’s development team.

Want to learn more about Acumatica cloud ERP and whether it might be right for your business? Visit this webpage.


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