Bring your KPI’s to life with the power of Microsoft Intelligent Cloud, combined with Dynamics 365.


When you have access to Microsoft Dynamics cloud services like workflow automation tools and robust business intelligence, you can create a substantial competitive advantage for yourself. Think about it, what if instead of spending hours creating a report off of which to base your business decisions the data you need was right there at your fingertips. Wouldn’t you be able to move from analysis to action much quicker? Sure, and with this increased agility, you’d probably also be able to easily outpace many of your competitors. That is exactly what the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud and Dynamics 365 offers.

Like one of the products you might see on a late-night TV infomercial, Dynamics 365 comes with a lot, and you get it all for one incredibly low price. Let’s take a look at all the Microsoft Dynamics cloud services included with Dynamics 365 that help your business become smarter and perform faster.

  • Power BI – A suite of business analytics tools to help you turn data into insights and share them with “Team Members.” It gives you the power to:
    • Develop interactive reports and real-time dashboards.
    • Facilitate intelligent decision-making with visual insights tailored to each user’s unique role.
    • Create beautiful reports in seconds that can be accessed on any device.
    • Provide reporting consistency and analysis across your entire organization by building reusable models.

Here are some examples of the dashboards, you can build.

  • Cortana Intelligence Suite – Connect all of the data you have in house and in the cloud to predict what’s coming, provide recommendations on how to respond, and automate decision-making. To make this powerful tool even easier to use, you can interact with it via voice in natural everyday language.  Learn more.
  • Flow and Logic Applications – An intuitive tool that syncs data between systems, automates workflows, streamlines notifications and much more, leading to more responsive and efficient business processes. Once you try it, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.
  • Common Data Model – A secure cloud business database that contains all of standard entities which are shared across Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, Power BI, and other Microsoft cloud solutions. With Microsoft Flow and Azure logic apps you can easily push and pull data between each of these entities with simple connectors. At last, you can break down those information silos and get a truly unobstructed view of your data across all apps
  • PowerApps – Do you need access to certain information or processes on the go? With PowerApps, you can build your own smartphone or tablet application that integrates seamlessly with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 system, without having to involve a developer. And, these apps can easily be shared with specific individuals or companywide.
  • Azure Cloud – The backbone of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and all of its related apps. Azure has become one of the most trusted cloud services available today. Each Dynamics 365 license includes everything you need for the system to run smoothly on the Azure cloud, including Azure active directory and Azure SQL. Additionally, if data sovereignty laws require that you store your data in specific geographic regions, you have the freedom to decide which datacenter you will use.

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