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Microsoft Dynamics on Cloud. Is it Right for Me?

Dynamics 365 puts Microsoft ERP and CRM on cloud. Imagine combining your disconnected systems into a singe streamlined one. This modern, connected solution helps you become more efficient and flexible.  When you run your business with Microsoft Dynamics on cloud, it’s easy to change and adapt without IT. Start with what you need right away, and add to it as your business grows.

Does Your Current Software Leave You

  • Spending too much time entering data—Is your accounting system missing features? Or, is it unable to talk to other systems?  Either way, you’re left wasting time looking for workarounds and reentering data.  With Dynamics 365, all your systems connect and communicate with one another. So, you only enter information once.
  • Wishing reporting was easier—Is it hard to share information?  Does it takes days or weeks to put together the reports you need to make important decisions?  Microsoft Dynamics on cloud is an integrated system.  That means, all your important information is finally in one place.  So, creating reports to show you where your business stands a snap.
  • Frustrated and ready to try something new, but afraid change will be too disruptive—Since Dynamics 365 is a cloud application, we can get it up and running much quicker than traditional systems.  Switching to Microsoft Dynamics on cloud will be a change for the better that doesn’t impede the day to day running of your business.

Dynamics 365 Features at a Glance


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Flexible, Scalable and Integrated

Start with one module, or all of them. The choice is yours. And, you can add more modules as your business grows. Whether you need to manage your finances, sales, HR, or everything in between, Dynamics 365 has you covered.

Explore the available modules in more detail.

Feels Familiar, Works with Other Microsoft Products

Microsoft built Dynamics 365 from the ground up. So, it looks like many other systems you use every day, like Office 365. But, not only is the user interface familiar, Dynamics 365 also integrates with other Microsoft products. So, you can stop wasting time switching between programs and know you are always looking at the most up-to-date information.


Ditch your servers and other hardware that is expensive and difficult to maintain. Move your ERP system to the cloud and enjoy:

  • Automatic updates and product upgrades.
  • More accessible and feature-rich mobile apps.
  • Predictable billing spreads the cost of your software out from month to month.
  • Fewer maintenance and IT headaches.
  • Improved integration with other Microsoft cloud tools.
  • The benefits of large research and development investments by Microsoft.

Dynamics 365 Helps Your Business


  • Empower staff—Help them do their best work.  Give them easy to use tools and insight to make smart decisions.
  • Connect with customers—Tailor every interaction to your customers’ needs, from first contact to purchase and beyond.
  • Transform business processes—Go from being reactive to proactive.  Automate tasks and create new business models.
  • Streamline operations—Use predictive analytics to anticipate and manage you business needs.



Six different modules make up Dynamics 365. Choose all of them, three or four, or just one. Build the business management system you’ve always wanted.


Finance and Operations

The core of Dynamics 365, it comes in 2 editions, business and enterprise. No matter which you choose, this user friendly, cloud, ERP system gives you everything you need to track your finances and inventory. Larger businesses that also need manufacturing, supply chain, HR and retail functionaily can get that and more with the enterprise edition.

Learn more about the available editions of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations



Boost the productivity of your sales team. Help them focus on the right opportunities. And, say goodbye inaccurate customer data stored in multiple places. Get a 360° view of each of your customers. See a full history of your interactions with them, plus keep track of their personal preferences.


Customer Service

Build customer loyalty and give your service staff the tools they need to be great at their job. Resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently. Deliver a stellar experience across all channels.



Offer a shopping experience that delights your customers. Personalize your communications to match their needs and habits. And, boost staff productivity by streamlining in-store, digital communications, and back office tasks.


Field Service

Keeping customers happy while making sure your team is efficient can be tough. But, Dynamics 365 can help. With it you can, view maintenance schedules and repair histories, customer warranties. You can even manage inventory from your mobile device. And, when a client calls with a difficult or unusual job, Dynamics 365 for field service can help you figure out which technician has the right skills.


Project Service Automation

Do you struggle to deliver projects on time or budget? Dynamics 365’s project service automation makes this easier. Build plans with ready-made templates which you can adjust to meet your needs and reuse. Get insight into what each team member is working on and how projects are progressing.  Also, learn if a project is profitable and meets the client’s expectations. Capture every detail of your projects from quote to invoice in a single system.



Find and keep the best people for your business. Streamline and improve the hiring process. Enjoy native LinkedIn tools that make attracting the right people easy. Then, once you’ve made the hire, keep employees happy with tools for on boarding, engagement and growth.



No matter whether your business is big or small, Dynamics 365 offers a wide variety of pricing plans and options to meet your specific needs. Want all features each module offers? Choose the full user option. Planning a short-term project? Buying a standalone module, or monthly plan may be the best fit for you. Choose whatever fits your needs now and know it will be ready to grow with you.

Learn more about Dynamics 365 pricing.

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