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Why Dynamics CRM Needs to Be on Your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software Shortlist



Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management system that stands out among the competition, thanks to its:


  • Customizable Themes – Dynamics CRM 2015 gives users the option to change the default color scheme and add a company logo to the main navigation bar. If you’ve been waiting for a way to customize your CRM system to match the personality of your company brand, this is it!
  • Streamlined Main Menu Navigation – The home icon that was introduced in CRM 2013 has now been replaced with the main menu button with 3 horizontal lines stacked one on top of each other, just like the buttons you commonly see on mobile websites to expand the navigation menu. The introduction of this main menu button means users can spend less time scrolling horizontally and find what they need faster.
  • Recently Viewed and Pinned Items – A recently viewed button has also been added to the top navigation bar In Dynamics CRM 2015. This allows you to navigate back to items you use most often in a single click.
  • OneNote Integration – The social pane in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 now offers the option for you to connect notes taken in OneNote with Dynamics CRM and to share them with other CRM 2015 users.
  • “Older Than” Option Added to Advanced Find – Advanced by now offers an expanded variety of choices to help you find the information you need fast. With Dynamics CRM 2015 you can now filter your search queries to only display records that are older than X minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years. Thus, saving you tons of valuable time manually filtering through search results to find the exact record you need.
  • Export to Excel Redesign – The export to Excel wizard found in previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been replaced in the 2015 release with a button that allows users to download information in an Excel spreadsheet with a single click. Additionally, the file size limit Dynamics CRM imposes on spreadsheets imported and exported from the system has now been increased to 32 MB (or 100,000 records).
  • Immersive Excel Experience – Users on the go or anyone just needing to make quick edits to an Excel spreadsheet stored within Dynamics CRM, now have the option to open spreadsheets in Excel online, where you can quickly analyze or edit data in any web browser.
  • Folder Level Email Tracking – Microsoft Exchange email users can now set up the tracking folder so that incoming emails dropped into the folder, either manually or with the help of Exchange inbox rules are automatically tracked in CRM. Please note: this requires server-side synchronization.
  • Hands-Free Access on Smartphones – Windows mobile phone users now have the option to use Cortana voice commands to navigate and interact with the Dynamics CRM 2015 environment. Also, the smartphone apps have been upgraded to provide the same experience as the tablet apps.

 Dynamics CRM 2015 is Here!


The latest release of this popular customer relationship management (CRM) system offers a vast array of exciting new features. Whether you're brand-new to the system or a veteran user, Dynamics CRM 2015 has something for everyone. Explore it further.


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Whether you’re an existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM user or are just starting to research customer relationship management solutions for your business, we have a wide variety of resources for you to explore.


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Why Choose Intelligent Technologies, Inc. as Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner?


We’re glad you asked. There are several reasons why small and medium sized businesses, not only in the Southeast, but across the country trust Intelligent Technologies, Inc. with their ERP and CRM needs. Here are just a few of them:


  • We possess 20+ years’ experience with Microsoft business management solutions.  We've been offering Dynamics CRM in particular, since 2009.
  • All of our consultants are fully certified in the products they support.
  • We know how to integrate Dynamics CRM with your other systems.
  • When you partner with us, you get a company that cares about your success. We pride ourselves on treating each client, regardless of size with the same high level of respect.
  • Our commitment to your company doesn’t end once your new system is up and running. As long as we are your Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner, you will always have friendly, knowledgeable support staff available to assist you.

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Whether you are just beginning the search for the right customer relationship management solution for your business, have already decided on Dynamics CRM, or you’ve owned this solution for many years, we have the expertise you need to make the most of your Dynamics CRM system. Our consultants will work hard to understand your business and IT requirements so that we can make recommendations that make sense for your systems, your budget and schedule.


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