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Manufacturing Industry

In order to succeed in today’s challenging manufacturing industry, you must link actual demand to production. So, if all that your current manufacturing ERP software can provide is historical data, you’re limiting your ability to respond to changing demands. However, it is possible to gain access to the real time data you need to stay competitive. The manufacturing ERP software we offer can help improve your business insight, and as a result drive down costs and boost revenue.
At Intelligent Technologies, Inc., we have extensive experience helping companies like yours succeed in the manufacturing industry. The user friendly manufacturing ERP software we offer can integrate with your existing systems and help you:

  • Improve operational efficiency making you better equipped to handle changing demands, shorter product lifecycles, and increased complexity.
  • Encourage innovation with improved collaboration and increased visibility into operations, supply chain and the customer experience.
  • Increase productivity and manage rapid life cycles by giving employees easy access to role-specific information.
  • Provide employees the role specific information they need to Increase efficiency and handle short product life cycles.
  • Increase agility so that you can respond more quickly and accurately to new opportunities.

Solution we recommend for manufacturing companies

Acumatica Cloud ERP or Microsoft Dynamics GP

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Acumatica Cloud ERP
Microsoft Dynamics GP


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