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Even in today's challenging economic climate CRM software is an investment that makes good business sense.  Read  this whitepaper to learn how
Microsoft Dynamics CRM can give you a competitive edge.

Watch the video below to find out why Office 365 and Dynamics CRM are better together.

One of the features that makes Dynamics CRM stand out above the rest, is the ability to access all of it's functionality from within Microsoft Outlook.  See how this works in the brief demo below.

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: What it is and what it can offer

In today's business world characterized by global competition and constant technological advancements that provide access to ubiquitous information, a lasting competitive advantage is what we all strive to achieve. One of the few proven methods that can help achieve this goal is gaining a deep understanding of your customers' and their needs.  And, this is exactly what CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software was designed to do. However, not all CRM products are created equal.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an industry leader trusted by countless companies who recognize the importance of  building and maintaining strong relationships with customers.

Just a few of the reasons to choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 over other similar products.

  • Usability--Dynamics CRM 2011 has an intuitive look and feel similar to the Microsoft Office software your employees are already familiar with.
  • Efficiency--Streamline the way your staff communicates with customers and collaborates with each other.
  • Flexibility--Define relationships your way. Don't change the way you or your people work to fit the way a developer thinks your job should be done. Microsoft Dynamics CRM's flexible platform allows you to define the relationships between the people, money, services and “things” important to your organization; and manage the interactions between these relationships.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM you can choose from Online and On premise solutions.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 the power is in the platform, it:

1. Works the Way You Do

  • Turn Microsoft Outlook into a one stop shop where you can manage Customer information, Email messaging, and Calendar scheduling.
  • Put information at your finger tips, access your data from within Outlook or on the go from any internet connection.
  • Continue using the software you're already accustom to, Dynamics CRM 2011 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

2. Works the Way Your Business Does

  • Start working right out of the box; feature rich modules for Sales, Marketing and Service management are included with Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Easily tailor it to your organization with point and click customizations.
  • Streamline business processes and eliminates time-consuming tasks with Microsoft Dynamics CRM's Workflow automation.

3. Works the Way Technology Should

  • Leverage your existing technology investments by building upon the scalable, industry-standard Microsoft platform.
  • Enjoy rapid deployment and low cost support.
  • Connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM quickly and easily to legacy systems and external data sources.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011’s latest update takes these benefits a step further.  Whether you are a new user or a current user, there are a lot of new features to get excited about.    Follow the links to learn more.

Explore the modules included in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

User Testimonials

“Information is much more uniform, it’s easier to find, and it’s easier to search on.”

               Jeff Antaya, Chief Marketing Officer, Plante and Moran

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is essential for us to achieve our long-term goal of effective marketing and sales touches with our customers.”

Aaron Norris, Marketing Director, The Norris Group

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM within the Microsoft Office Outlook experience provided a significant increase in productivity and a huge morale boost because our employees felt really excited about having this tool at our fingertips.”

                 Joe Kistner, Chief Operating Officer, Profiles International 



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